Wednesday, May 25, 2011


A little while ago a women in our ward gave a talk, I guess, was about procrastination. One of the stories she told was about 'Eating the Frog First'. It really resonated with me and I started applying that to my life and to our life as homeschoolers.

There are certain subjects that Maddie doesn't enjoy, mostly maths and copy work so we sat down together and looked at the schedule, which I might add was set 100% by me as I load the workboxes. More often then not it would be met with certain resistance as she would try to negotiate her way out of doing the work she really didn't want to do.
If she did do the least loved work first she would take FOREVER!

So after watching this clip and explaining the principle behind it , we now swallow the frog first. The kids get it better now as we looked at how they felt during the day when they knew something unpleasant was going to come like it or not. This simple principle has really made a difference to us all. We sat down worked out what OUR frogs were, because each of us was different , then put them on the top of the list. It is amazingly liberating.

Now when I have to do something & I try to fob it off I think."NO SWALLOW THAT FROG".


Croppermom said...

I am the worlds worst at procrastination. I think I might try this!

Anonymous said...

I am going to use this for our next FHE lesson! We need to do this, ALL of our family!

Thanks going your way again...

Tell me how did you get so awesome!!!!