Friday, May 20, 2011

Fulcher Friday

Well Friday is quite often park afternoon with the Fulcher's. This photograph was taken a little while ago on one of these Friday adventures and I have been dying to use it. Peet Fulcher of Peet Fulcher Photography is like 15 but is developing into an amazing photographer. Spend a few minutes on his blog and just have a look at what this kids can do eg:

He tackles a lot of technical stuff because this is just one of his hobbies at the moment, but boy he is good!! Also now when I pop over to the Fulcher Family blog it makes me want to curl up with Dorothea Mackellar and read Our Country too.
Dorothea Mackellar - is one of Australia's best loved poets and her beautiful lyric poem "Our Country" is just echoed in their way of semi rural Australian life.

I'm so looking forward to getting out on the weekend with my new camera. Don't you just love Australia!


Anonymous said...

Donna this photo of the girls is amazing. Print it on canvas and hang it I say!!. Girls are looking beautiful. love U all...H

Peet Fulcher said...

I love that photo too - and the book you have on the blog is the one that we are using - and yes - we do love living here!

Kim said...

Oops - that was Kim - Peet wsa just signed in here and I didn't notice.