Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Missionary Photo!!

It is 12 more days until the Mission papers are submitted. I took THE 'missionary' photo that goes along with the mission paper and after having taken it silly me goes "would you like to get your eyebrows tidied up and I can take another one?" What sort of a monster mother I'm I . He's like "do you think I need it?" What was I thinking! Clearly having 5 girls has got to me in ways that I could never have expected. He has been jabbed with vaccinations, going in to hospital tomorrow to have his wisdom teeth out, crowns done, medicals, not to mention that he just a really well behaved 18.7year old that hasn't even lost a point for driving and I'm pointing out scraggy eyebrows!!!

This boy has had this mission planned since FOREVER! He then informed me that there could be a little hick-up and that is the First Presidency may be on vacation when his papers hit Salt Lake. This would mean the eagerly anticipated Mission Call (where in the world you are going to serve your 2 year mission) could be delayed. When he was telling me at first all i could hear was delayed & vacation. I reply "who is going on vacation, they can't go on vacation right now, it will have to wait! OH the First Presidency!! Well OK then.

I am so glad that we only have one son, because this comes with just as much anticipation as having a baby. We are blessed to have a son who didn't just wake one day when he was 20 odd and think not much else is happening so I might as well go on a mission. We have one that at exactly 18 years and 8 months to the day he can submit those Mission Paper. He saw the bar had been raised and aim right over the top for it. He is a blessing to our lives.


Kim said...

That face has Germany written all over it don't you think!

Donna said...

Actually today that face has chocolate custard all over it as he dribbles his way through wisdom teeth surgery!