Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Missionary Photo Take 2!!

Poor boy. He is so off his face with the medication he let me take the photo. He has actually never even had a panadol in his ENTIRE life. Not even as a baby. Hates any medicine so has always just sucked it up. But I had to put the mortar & pestle to work and grind it up & mix it with the custard. Must go, he phoned from downstairs to come down & change his ice pack.


JAEAEAJ said...

Did he have wisdom teeth removed? I have heard that is the worst! I only had one and it was the pits!
Here's to a quick healing

Donna said...

Yes all 4 wisdom teeth out under a general anesthetic in the hospital this morning . Mind you he has had worse as a downhill mountain biker.

Kim said...

The least you could do is put another after photo from today when he is looking incredibly well again!

Donna said...

He was so drugged up that i would never get another chance to get a photo like this of him ever!! He does look really great again though.