Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's day 2011

We had the most wonderful Mothers day yesterday. My Grandmother, who we really thought we had lost earlier this year is doing wonderfully. We've had to move her to a Nursing Home which caused us so much heartache. She is a very much loved Mother, Grandmother & Great grandmother. However she reached a point that made it impossible for us to manage her in her villa. The ACAT Assessment team ruled out her coming to live with us as I already have MS and wouldn't have the physical strength to manage day to day with her. Both my mother & Aunt still work (both nurses) so she was still in a hospital waiting a placement in a Nursing home. Other family's we spoke to all said they had been waiting 9-12 months plus to get a place, but only through the Lord we waited less then 9 days. We also got her into the Home of our choice. This has been such a blessing to us. Since she has been there her health has improved amazingly well even to the point that she was able to attend my cousins wedding. This was a miracle! We purchased a wheelchair and as you can see on the back it say's LOL on Board. She is very affectionately referred to as Little Old Lady or LOL for short. (no end of uses for my Silhouette machine)
Well my Grandmother turns 90 this week so another party is planned to celebrate this amazing milestone. In our family history no one has lived to this age. Her mother closest at 84 but 90 is amazing.

The other special thing about our mothers day was that my Aunt was diagnosed with Breast cancer a few days before her daughters wedding. She has had 1 round of surgery and due for more tomorrow. Following this she will start Chemo, radiation etc. We decided as a family to forgo any mothers day gifts and pool the money we would have spent to make a donation to the Jane McGrath Foundation on behalf of my Aunt. She's a crier, so needless to say she was overwhelmed as we all were with the 'specialness' of this Mother Day.

My mother, as usual put on an amazing spread. Mum always goes past the extra mile for table decoration. She had all our Great, Great Grandmothers tablecloths, flowers and wonderful food. After it was over we all wanted to head home for a nap but no my mother was off to work doing the afternoon shift. Her energy amazes me.

As for me, I have been, well coveting really, a new Canon Camera. My husband tried really hard to get the one I wanted but it was just a little out of our financial reach. This was not at all a realistic purchase in my mind anyway, so him just trying was worth more than the camera. However my Uncle, affectionately know to us as the dinosaur doctor with him being a Paleontologist, does have a new Canon 5d ii, in my mind the ultimate in camera ownership. Anyway he also had a very beautiful Canon Powershot pro 1 that he wasn't using now. And would you know he said, "look if you would like it you are more than welcome to it"!!!!!!

WOULD I LIKE IT!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! We went out to their place, and he has never been a man that does anything by halves. This thing had the lot and more in as if I just picked it up from the store myself. I know yesterday was the Sabbath, but I went straight to bed with camera manual and bag in hand. Awesome blessing once again!!

So all in all yesterday was a fantastic day. All my children, their husbands, my mother, Aunt & Uncle and my beautiful Grandmother all together for a most wonderful day. Some times you can just feel that cup running over.

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