Monday, May 30, 2011

A Gift On A Budget

Jessica was off to a birthday party on Saturday. Now the child in question is one that has EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING. I have never seen so much 'stuff' in all my life! Not even at a Target toy sale. So what do you get a girl like that, plus we had a seriously limited budget this week.

Well my girls believe that presents should be thoughtful and made these days. The made bit is usually by me though. As Hayley likes to cook, tea towel aprons was the winner. I'll do a little more on these tea towel aprons this week. They are cheap, cute & reversible.

I have been a little addicted to these cute little aprons and can't help myself stalking the tea towel section of every store checking out the latest & cutest tea towels. So with a 3 pack of tea towels, basket & a couple of miniature utensils we were set and best of all, we didn't spend over our $15 budget.

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Anonymous said...

this is a fantastic idea!!! Well done! H