Friday, May 27, 2011

Fantastic Fun Fishing

During the Easter break we had the fantastic opportunity to stay at Joan & Lee's unit at Sunshine Beach. While the sunshine was missing for many days it really didn't matter. We had an absolute ball. The fish were biting, waves were rolling and we just had the best time.

Lucy very 'bestest' friend James came to visit us with his mum & little sister for the afternoon and he caught his very first fish. Now that was exciting! It was freezing cold and a massive storm came rolling in but it didn't dampen anyone spirits or enthusiasm.

The best part for me was I got to curl up on the couch with a great book and read away to my little hearts content. Not good for me to be in the rain now is it. Someone has to be at home keeping the home fires burning don't they.

Ashleigh turned 22 that weekend so every one came up for a roast dinner with us. It was just a perfect week.

The bush walks round Noosa heads are amazing. I only went along because on Hastings Street is the very best ice-creamery in the world. It's sorbets and frozen yogurt and is all made fresh on the premises. AMAZING!

Ashleigh & I are heading back to the unit (thank-you again Joan & Lee) for a mother daughter retreat. When I asked Ash to go away with me she's like "weeelllll yyyeeesss, but what's the catch". It's tough being the oldest of six. You don't live at home and are an easy going kid, you can get kinda over looked. But not that weekend. Ash, me and the ice-creamery! You will forgive me if while I'm away that weekend that I could assume that the eagerly anticipated rapture may have occurred because her and I will be in peaceful heaven.

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