Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Fevers Are Raging!!!

Don't you love it when the kids are sick. I love the extra cuddliness that you get. Well I don't really love the pain and suffering and the fact that when a raging fever is involved, because anytime it spreads to Lucy the 4 year old it usually required the Emergency Paramedic, with support car , lady on 000 giving CPR instructions over the speaker phone and I do believe the last time the police came just for good measure.(I have 2 epileptic children) But apart from that today we managed to rally some of the troops and head to the library for a full on book-a-thon this afternoon. I bored Jessica to sleep I think with audio Shakespeare. She loves it but the soft even voice of the CD just put her right to sleep. Oh how could I be so silly! It was the soft beautiful newly arranged homeschooling audio center complete with matching blue cosy beanbags that did the trick. Never the less they are all on the mend and tomorrow is another day!


Kim said...

You know I am jealous - especially to have fevered children in winter. Hope they are better by Friday.

Melody said...

It sounds like you made the most of a bad situation. Scary about your daughter needing emergency help etc. I've called an ambulance twice in the history of my parenting life and it was SCARY. So I'm glad Lucy is doing ok this time. All my kids are sick right now too - just finished canceling their art and swimming lessons - better get make up lessons, I tell you! lol I hope you stay well and don't catch it - nothing worse than Mum being sick!