Saturday, June 5, 2010

Room To Home School

Although the choice location for my girls to do their work is in the tree, this isn't always practical given the fact that the 'teacher' is tree climbing challenged(is that politically correct enough). As Jessica was having sleepovers every night in Maddie & Lucy's room we thought she should just move in and turn her room into a homeschooling room. Oh before you go "oh how cute they love each other that much" stop, it's just her room was so messy that she didn't like sleeping in it and the other girls room is beautifully tidy thanks to my chuck-a-thon.
Anyway I had a lot of ideas floating around my mind as to what a perfect homeschool room would look like but as tree climbing isn't my only disability I thought I would take a walk through my next best friend, oh no, my third best friend google. In case you are wondering who or what are numbers 1 and 2 and given the fact that it's Saturday which is his pancake making day and given the fact that number 1 will read this when he gets up, my husband is number 1, but he himself has come to realise that he is close to being over taken by number 2 which is fast becoming my one true love, my Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker.Every homeschooling mother should have one!
Anyway back to google. Yes I recently took a trip around google for homeschooling room ideas. OH MY GOSH!!! Have you seen some of these rooms! There is no way the mothers who put these rooms together would ever let a 'child' in there. It reminds me of the chapter 'Keeping House'in Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder when Almanzo goes into the parlor while his parents are way for a few days. Now this parlour is beautiful and is only entered when they 'have company'. I quote Mrs Web the visitor says to Almanzo's mother "You have such a beautiful parlor, I declare it's almost too fine to sit in." Well this is what these homeschooling rooms looked like.
I won't add any of the picture here in case one just happens to be yours, though I doubt it because if it was you won't be reading my blog because my blog page lacks symmetry which would be a must for these mothers who may or may not, I will not judge have a little OCD.
Off I go now back to the chuck-a-thon in Jessica's room and by Monday we will have our very own homeschooling room. I will post you a photo of that because it will leave you all feeling like your doing OK with what you've got too.

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Lucy said...

The rooms have come up so well Donna! Great photos with ? special wide angle lens? You could sell real estate!