Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Never Let It Be Said That I Don't Take Missionary Preparation Seriously!!!

This is my son Daniel. At home he speaks the native tongue of a teenage boy but can give an awesome 15 minute talk in Church with the opening remarks of "if I asked mum to write this I would have to do chores so writing a 15 minute talk is less painful!!!" Yes, everyone in our house is on the chore list even the 4 year old who thinks that being on dessert is a chore because it's on the Family Home Evening List? So every Sunday when the chore list is rotated and I call out "does everyone know what your on this week?" Lucy always calls out "yes I'm on dessert!"
Anyway back to Dan, even though I know you're all thinking he is not nearly as cute as Lucy when it comes to making a cake. Well, I stand corrected there may be 1 or 2 girls out there who do, but this whole blog today is about 'taste'.
It was Dan's Sunday school's teachers birthday, so much to our surprise he whipped up a chocolate cake using the recipe that I gave you in Friday With D'ouisa. He of course with his teenage brilliance and terribly unbridled sweet
tooth added maltesers to the cake after beaten and added to the baking tin. He then in true teenage style decorated it with M&M's the other staple for a teenagers diet. This is the end result.
At least when he leaves for his Mission next year he can make a great Chocolate Cake.

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Kim said...

That sounds oddly delicious.