Monday, June 14, 2010


I always wonder how all you homeschooling parents keep 'it' all under control. Where is your homeschooling command centre? As you saw last week our homeschool room is up and running very successfully. But workboxs have to be loaded and resources stored and lessons prepared. How and where do you do it all?
Well I can tell you where and how I do it and the picture above is only in my dreams.


I use a workbox sort of system for myself. We work on an average of 12 box's a day for the 2 older girls and 4 for Lucy.
We have Gospel Study, Maths, Literacy (which includes phonics, grammar vocab etc) History, Science, Art & Character Studies as our main areas of study. I keep the main framework of that curriculum in this trolley.

I then have these file boxes that hold all the extension resources that supplement the 7 areas of study. This is where the 'fillers' for the other boxes are found. They might be things I have
found and printed off the internet or from other books I have found along the way but aren't used as my main text for that subject. Then there are just resource books and lapbook mastercopies for unit studies etc.
But of course it never ends. There are the games both education & just for fun that are included in workbox's as well. They have taken over, what use to be the

linen press. It does seem like unorganised craziness but I get it, and it works for me. We also have a lot of resources in homeschool room cupboard. But the aim of the room was to make it as clutter free as possible. My girls just can't work when there is clutter, just as well my husband and I can sleep with it.
I lesson plan once a week and have the weeks work planned and filled in a box under my bed separated by days. That way no matter what happens that week I have everything ready and am not stressed that morning or night before wondering what I have on for the day.
Even though sometimes I long for a bedroom like the one at the start, I would never swap it for the one I have. It's more ours then the banks, it's a home of love and safety and learning for us all. All ours is put together on, well, no budget, because money to spend on making things pretty is not on our priority list. Like I said in Room To Homeschool.
If you have ideas on how you do it or you have blogged about it send me the link so I can check it out. To me it seems like the biggest part of homeschooling and once you have this down pat the rest is easier. I'm so open to other methods so let me know!

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T8ermomma said...

My husband recently was medically discharged from the US Navy. So when we were looking for a house to buy back home, one of the things we looked for specifically was a place for me to keep books and planning things that were for ME, as the teacher. Our house was set up with a "mother-in-law" suite. It has a second kitchen that I have taken over as Command Central. We were very lucky that it was perfect and in our price!! :)