Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sue Patrick Workbox System

I'm a fan of this method by Sue Patrick. I just don't think I could homeschool the girls without it. But one aspect that I loved but have struggled to get up and running is the posters centres. But this week was the week!
Aldi had the most amazing educational resources on sale this week and one of those was posters. So I bought 2 of each of the ones that suited our needs, like solar system, colours,numbers, map & flags of the world. I kept 1 as is and cut up the other. Using Velcro dots the kids get to use the posters as interactive centres. They match the flags to either the flags or when they get a little better to the actual country. Lucy can match the colours & numbers to 20.
So all you need is 2 identical posters, Velcro dots from the cheap shop and a pair of scissors.
For the posters I have tried in the past, the kids have really loved this as an activity.
As you can see Aldi had a few other really great resources for great prices. The games in the picture below are awesome. The Build a Sentence game is worth it's own blog entry. So if you can get into an Aldi check them out and give the posters ago.
I have included the link above to Sue Patrick if you have no idea what I'm taking about in regard to the workbox system.


Kim said...

I bought the times tables game on Saturday - we thought it was hysterically funny.

Donna said...

I bought the times table one to but hadn't listen to it. So after reading you comment I put on the disk. OH MY GOSH!!! what a funny disk. I can't wait to play it with the game. Not sure this one will be a favorite but chess sure is.

Jessica said...

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