Thursday, June 24, 2010

Schools Out & Half Time Reflections

Here in Australia we are at the half way mark of the school year and as I look over the last two terms at what has worked and what hasn't I am not really surprised at what I find.

Number 1:
I really like being organised. I spend time every weekend putting together the work for the coming week and writing up in a learning journal exactly what we're doing that week ahead. Any weeks that I haven't done that, I find the whole thing seems to fall apart. Then, anything we don't get through, I just move it along to the next weeks folder. Easy as that.

Number 2: I love our homeschooling room. That has just become the best thing we have done. The girls just love going in there and hanging out, even 'after hours'. They love sitting on the bean bags reading, listening to something on the CD player or drawing at their desks. It has made our school days so much easier. We all love it.

Number 3:
Getting out with others. We really love getting together with other families each week. Weekly Art lessons and Character Studies as well as just fun time at the park with other families each week makes a difference for us. Mind you, Irish dancing is a hit with the girls as well as piano lessons.

So as I look back over the first half of this year these three things would stand out the most in my mind.

Tristan from Our Busy Homeschool wrote a piece Homeschooling a House Full & Living to Tell the Tale. Homeschooling 3 children aged 4 - 9 is not easy I have discovered. That's why I have to be organised. Anyway check out her thoughts on this. I really do take my hat off to you mum's who homeschool with babies.

Anyway I have approximately 30 hours until Dad and girls are home, so Lucy and I are living it up. We had takeaway last night!! Yippy!!

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