Saturday, June 26, 2010

Writings to Young Women from Laura Ingalls Wilder on Wisdom and Virtues

"Cooperation, helpfulness, and fair dealing are so badly needed in the world, and if they are not learned as children at home, it is difficult for grownups to have a working knowledge of them."

Living in a house full of girls we're mad for all things Laura Ingalls Wilder. This book has five chapters, consisting of short stories, offering advice and giving opinions with honesty and humor and is taken from pieces that she wrote between 1916-1924 on honor, friendship and kindness.
As always, it is beautifully written.
" Sometimes we recognize a special blessing what heretofore we have taken without thought as a matter of course, as when we recover from serious illness; just a breath drawn free from pain is a matter for rejoicing. If we have been crippled and then made whole again, the blessed privilege of walking free and unhindered seems a gift from the "gods." We must be hungry to properly appreciate food, and we never love our friends as we should until they have been taken from us."

This is a three volume series. Volume 2- Life As a Pioneer Women and following this is Writings to Young Women on Laura Ingalls Wilder - Volume Three: As Told By Her Family, Friends, and Neighbors.

This will be a great extension to our Character Studies. We just wrapped up Compassion and are moving on to Responsibility. Laura Ingalls Wilder has one or two things on that subject in this book.

This is definitely a great little read for your girls.

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