Saturday, June 5, 2010

"I have such a beautiful parlor, I declare it's almost too fine to sit in"

Well after all that work today I now join Almanzo's mother. Though it's not fancy the kids love it!! And as for their bedroom ,who say's 3's a crowd


We had so much fun putting this together. We have an audio center with beanbags for them to curl up in and listen to the audio stories or read their books. You can see the workbox in the corner and everyone has a desk full of sharpened pencils and colouring in supplies. I have the poster centre all sorted but I will blog about that during the week.
When we first bought this house 2 years ago my husband planted an apricot tree outside the kids window. No guessing what their favorite song was and still is. Well now it's huge and when it blossoms it really looks like popcorn. He is cute!
Well, we now have our own homeschooling room.


Kim said...

Is there anything better than newly organised rooms - Louisa said to tell you we all like the idea.

MissMOE said...

Great space. Love the new school supplies all set up and waiting.

Eclectic Education said...

I love the idea of centers. We just don't have the room for them. Looks great! Hope you have a great school year.

rawbanana said...

Great use of space! We actually have FOUR girls sharing a room in a space smaller than the one you are using! It seems SO crowded to me (2 bunk beds) but they all LOVE it (ages almost 10, 8.5, almost 7 and 5)...the new school room looks great!