Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Little Match Girl

I remember seeing this Hans Christian Andersen story as a child and have always kept an eye out for a version of the book that I really liked. Well I have found one. Actually my dear friend and homeschooling mentor Lucy found it. As we're studying Compassion for Character Studies this month The Little Match Girl was one of the stories we read.
You can purchase this book from my favorite book store ever!! The Book Depository This book cost $7.46aud and The Book depository has FREE worldwide delivery and I have never waited more then a week to ten days for my books to arrive. This may be the worst thing that I ever tell you, because more then one friend has fallen prey to the lure of this website. Enter with caution because once you are in you may be like the rest of us and never be able to get out. Of course, unless your husband becomes the Minotaur who you must defeat so as to roam The Book Depository city with freedom. Good Luck my fellow book hoarders!!

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Melody said...

Well thats good to know that you've had a good experience with The Book Depository and especially that they post stuff out so quickly!

I have looked on there several times recently. I like that they have things in AUS dollars and the free shipping - so I know what I'm paying is exactly what I see on the screen, unlike places like Amazon where they add an unknown amount for shipping and then an unknown amount again due to the exchange rates.

The only things that have stopped me shopping at The Book Depository recently is they don't have a lot of the books I keep looking for and when I compare them to Amazon, their prices seem slightly higher (even allowing in a rough estimate for shipping/exchange rates) HOWEVER having the package arrive quickly is a big draw card for me and probably worth the couple dollars difference in price. I hate waiting the 3 weeks which Amazon makes me wait.

Did I just talk your ear off? lol